8 Ways to Get Better Abs When You Feel Like Nothing Works


Everyone wants to have nice and defined abs. The problem is, there is so much bad information on the net these days that people are confused and dont know what to do. In this post Ill look at 8 ways to get better and more defined abs when you feel like nothing is working for you.

Here are some things you can take on board that will certainly bring you some good abdominal results.

1. Scrap your old routine

If you have been doing the same routine for more than two months it is time to scrap it and try something new. You need to constantly be changing your routine so that your abs do not fall into a rut. This is very important.

2. Get more quality protein

If you think you are getting enough protein but still arent seeing result then maybe you need to better the QUALITY of that protein. Fresh raw milk, free range eggs, etc.

3. Re-learn the techniques

The archives are full of articles showing you how to do abs exercises correctly. If you arent seeing any results the problem might be that you arent using the proper technique. Without correct technique you will be targeting the wrong muscles. Go back and make sure you are doing things right.

4. Slow down your reps

There is a common tendency to pump out abs exercises like Rocky did in the moviefast and furious. While this might be good for fitness and building up midsection muscles for fighting, it really wont help you develop your abdominal muscles in isolation. Slow each rep right down and feel the burn, this is how abs should be trained.

5. Reduce man-made carbs

Eating bread, pasta, rice and other things that have been heavily processed and manipulated will add inches to your waist. Cut them out and replace them with fruits vegetables and fresh food.

6. Lose weight

If you have fat on your belly you will not be able to see your abs. This is simple.

7. Lift heavy weights

The people with the best abs are the people who put them under lots of stress. However, the abs exercises we all do are not the only way you should be stressing them. Big weights exercises like the military press and deadlift are important ways to build your abs. They increase testosterone in the body and force muscles to grow. This is an important secret.

8. Switch from low intensity to high intensity cardio

Low intensity cardio seems to burn up a lot of muscle when it is done for a long period of time. High intensity cardio, on the other hand, is very anabolic and creates an environment in your body perfect for building muscle and losing weight. Try sprinting instead of running for hours at a time and see how you go.