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With a recent minicamp just completed, perhaps no other player received more praise at Washington Redskins practices than quarterback Jason Campbell. The thirdyear QB showed good form in all categories: footwork, accuracy, mobility, decisionmaking and leadership. Of course, minicamp is far from the gameday conditions Jason will face and there were no defenders getting in his face to disrupt his rhythm, but he has his teammates believing. RB Clinton Portis said:

I think thats the most growth Ive ever seen in a player from where Jason was [last November] to now. Its night and day. Early on, he was stumbling over words in the huddle. He had a lot of uncertainty. A lot of people were in his ear, sayingThrow here,’ ‘Throw there,’ ‘Look at this,’ ‘Look at that’ — and he wasnt being a player. But now you get the opportunity to see the athleticism that Jason has, the control that Jason has. His accuracy is unbelievable. Hes making a lot of the right decisions with the ball. If he can carry that over into the season, I feel like we have a good shot.

OT Jon Jansen added:

He has been tremendous. Just getting the reps is the biggest thing. Hes getting the opportunity to learn from different things that happen on the field. Hes getting a lot of different looks from our defense, and he has had a chance to process it and make decisions quickly.

I was talking about fantasy football gameplanning a few days ago. Keep Jason Campbell in mind. Hell be a sleeper pick and one you might want to seriously consider.

Vince Young Sits For Pre season Opener

Wondering why Vince Young wasn’t in uniform for the Tennessee Titans’ preseason opener against the Redskins last night? Head coach Jeff Fisher suspended him for a game.

The Titans were pretty tight-lipped about it, but Coach Fisher did say:

I made a decision earlier today to not put Vince in the ball game for violating a team rule. Period. End of story. He’ll be back in the building Monday with his teammates, practicing. He’s our starting quarterback.”

I have no idea what the rule was that Vince broke, but I applaud Coach Fisher for showing that there will be no favoritism or double-standardizing among his players. To put your starting QB on the bench for breaking a team rule shows that nobody is above the law in Tennessee and this type of action will go a long way in building unity on this team. As for Vince — again, I don’t know what he did, but it was enough to get him suspended. And a pretty bad way to start the season. By the way, the Titans lost 14-6.

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