Betfair trading – What is the #1 trick to effective trading on Betfair?

So what is the number one trick to trading on sports? What is it that defines the way that you do something in this particular market? Why is it so different to what you were doing financials and also? Why would you never give money to somebody else to trade on sports markets? I’Ll show you in this video. If you want instant access to new videos as they’re uploaded, then please click on the subscribe button also don’t forget to comment on the videos and, if you’re interested in learning more about betangel visit potential comm today and download a free trial.

So the number one trick actually isn’t a trick at all. It’S just a bit of common sense, but it explains a number of things that it explains how sports trading is very different from financial markets, but it also explains why it’s a complete following that you should ever give money to anybody else to trade with on sports. It just doesn’t make any sense. You know I suggest anyway, it’s much more rewarding to do something to yourself, but let me explain all the detail behind this to do that.

Let’S have a look at financial markets, say, for example, that we’re trading on oil. If we buy and sell oil we will do it because we expect price to go up to go down or whatever we can go along more short, but there is never any end point for what may be in a few hundred years, but in market terms you Know the market doesn’t open and close ok opens in the morning and closes in the evening or necessarily doesn’t or you know, depending upon instrum you got so if you buy vodafone shares the market will open and close every day, but there’s no end point to that. Particular share: there’s no definitive terminated point within the market.

If your options trading, then there is because you will buy an option to expire at some point in the future. But when you look at sports there is a very clearly defined point at which the market closes and it’s all finished. So when you look at a horserace, if you look at a 5 phone course race, the markets opened maybe the night before and then when the race starts a minute later, the market is completely finished, but the characteristic that you find is for on horse racing. You have in the summer you have three cards in the meeting three or four in the evening as well. So if we take the smaller value of that – and we say that there are six meetings during the day, each one of those meetings will have seven races in it.

So, in fact, over the course of the day you have forty-two markets and when you look at that, that clearly shows you something. So it’s a bit like having a financial market that has a defined starting point and ending point, and there are 42 of them and that actually changes radically the way that you would attempt to trade the market. So when I look at the market today, we’ve actually got three race cards in the afternoon and four in the evening. I know I’m going to get a whole raft of opportunities over the course of the day. I will have many opportunities to trade, and also you know, a big advantage is if I look at a market – and I have no idea of what’s actually going on – I can just walk away from it. Make a cup of tea.

Do something else go get some lunch. There are many opportunities to either do something or to not do something. So that is pretty radical. You know that’s very, very different from financial markets, but also look at it from the perspective of what you’re trying to achieve. Everybody wants to make a bit of profit, but you know you don’t have to go into each market thinking.

I must make 100 pound or two and a pound or whatever you want to make. You know if you’re in a financial market and you open a trade at beginning the day and you closed it at the end, you know you may have a target that you’re trying to achieve, but also, if you think about it, you know the only way to Make much more money is to leverage your state to borrow much more money or use much bigger stakes in financial markets, but in if we take racing, for example, if I have a bank of a thousand pounds you know, do you think you could get a thousand Pound out of that, or maybe not do you think you’re 500 pound out of that. Well, that’s quite an ask on any particular trade to get a 50 % return on your trade, but you think you could get 10 pound out of it. You know if you have a thousand pound, could you trade it and get 10 pound out of it and generally the answer would be well probably, you know that I’ve got a fair chance of using a thousand pound, putting it in and out of the market. One way or another and walking away with a tenner, that’s quite an achievable target, but of course what you’ve actually got is we have 42 opportunities to do that, so we have more than that today, but let’s say that we have 42 opportunities to do that.

So if you were able to get 10 pound per race – and that would add up to 420 pounds over the course today on your bank of 1000 pound, so actually you know there is a huge opportunity there, because you don’t have to earn much per race in Order to end up with the reasonable total at the end of the day, and that is because we’ve got thousand pound in first place. We trade it and make 10 pound that money becomes instantly available for us to use in the secondary. So, where we trade, it can make 10 pound and then the third race and so on and so forth.

Now, obviously, I’ve you know paraphrased and summarized all of this in such a way that it would probably be unrealistic to imagine that you’d go through all 42 races and never make a loss. So necessarily, you know it’s going to be a mixture of your profits and losses over the course of the day. But what I’m trying to get you focused on is saying that, actually, you don’t earn much per race to end up with a huge total. At the end of the day, if we imagine that you were perfect, which is unrealistic, but let’s imagine that for the moment and you’ve got 10 pound out of each race using your thousand pounds, you would have 420 pound at the end of the day. On a thousand pound bank, 42 percent return on capital, and that is essentially the difference between trading and sports market and trading a financial market. There is a radical difference between the two, so when you’re trading the sports market, you don’t have to worry so much about getting a massive return on your stake.

You just need to get something on it and then do that reasonably consistently over a period of time, and if you look how many opportunities there over the year, there are tens of thousands. So if you did tennis football cricket horse-racing I mean there are so many sports that you can actually initiate and execute a trade tens of thousands of times over the year. So that brings me to my other point as well, which is if somebody comes to you and say you know, can you give me money to trade with and you say why is that and they say well I need a big bank to work with absolute rubbish. It’S actually a disadvantage, because you know, if you have a thousand pound in the market, you’re trying to get a ten out of it.

That’S relatively easy! If you have ten thousand pound in you’re trying to get a hundred out of it, you may not even bear to get the ten thousand pound into the market and out of the market safely, to get your hundred pound, so it doesn’t work. There is absolutely no reason why it needs to borrow or go to friends, to ask for significant amounts of money. You actually have a small Bank, and then you work that Bank fairly quickly. So when you see people starting up funds to trade on sports markets or people asking for money, you’ve got to ask why you know: there’s been some very high-profile cases of people who have tried to raise money to trade on sports and it’s all blown up and Basically, you know they’ve lost the lot and it’s probably because they were just gambling there definitely weren’t trading, because if you trade, you know exactly the sort of problem that I’ve described will get in your way, and you also know that you don’t need a very large Bank, so you know some people sort of say: oh, it’s not fair.

Pity you’ve got a large bank. Well, I could do if I wanted to, but the vast majority the time I don’t use it. I can’t use it not possible for me to get the money through the market and also I’m more focused on the quantity of opportunity and that’s one of the key tricks with sports trading. It’S not that you do a fantastic trade. It’S just that you get something out of the market relatively low risk, and you do it very often – and hopefully you know if you do ten thousand events over the course of the year, you only need a small amount of money to make you make on average. Over those ten thousand events – and it turns into a much larger amount of money, so you know I would say that that’s the number one trick that you have with sports trading.

So how can bet angel help? You achieve this particular strategy? Well, one of the tools that we have within bet engine is called Guardian and it actually is a piece of software all of its own. Practically we could break it out and create that product on its own, but basically guiding is a multi market tool.

It’S designed so that you can load up loads of markets all together, tennis football racing. Whatever all into one screen, you can analyze, monitor and do all of your activity in there couple eclipses will transport you to the main interface, but with inside guiding there’s a whole range of things that you can do as well. So Guardian manages all of your positions in the background, so that you don’t have to worry about it while you’re working another mark, you can actually be working on one markets, a racing or football while tennis is taking place in Guardian or vice versa. However, you want to do that, but also we have watch lists. So if you want to segment your activity and display it on a very easily definable and usable area of your screen, you can actually stick it into a watch list via Guardian, but you can also automate all of your activity as well through guarding so that will Allow you to create automated strategies and that can be fully-fledged strategies, or it may just alert you that an opportunity has occurred in one of those markets that you’re monitoring.

You can also connect it to excel and do multiple spreadsheets through there. So you could, if you wanted, to load up loads of different markets in Guardian connect, some in Excel put some through the automation and actually be working in another market. At the same time, you can do all of that simultaneously, and so I recommend, if you’re interested in exploring what I’ve just talked about fire up, bet angel fire up Guardian and have a good play with it, because that’s a key element of the software. If you’re interested in learning more about that angel visit, bet angel, calm and download a free trial today,

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