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I had a chance to check the WWEs version of BretHitmanHarts life story on DVD. I have to first tip my hat to Bret for putting aside the publicly known differences he has had with Vince & the WWE to put this together. That is very admirable & noble of him.

Now this DVD in is not like the movieWrestling with Shadowsreleased in 1999 which also feature Bret. It was much more interesting because it truly focused on Bret the person and not Bret the wrestler. There is much mention of WWE (but why shouldnt it, its their productsilly me) and little coverage on his career after WWE. It is a 3 DVD set and most of the extras are WWE matches. There is 1 WCWTribute to Owen Hart matchmatch on it. The one I wanted to see was both his matches against Shawn Michaels but of course they didnt put those (complete match) in it. They had snippets.

Overall it was an alright DVD. I mean I will watch it again and it does go into my wrestling collection. I would say if you are a wrestling fan that enjoyed WWE (when it was WWF) in the days of Yokozuna, The Hart Foundation and others and you want flashback for a minute then you would enjoy this.

Can TNA really cut it?

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I had a chance to catch TNA (Total NonStop Action) wrestling this past weekend. It was like the last 15 minutes of the show but I was really not impressed at the storyline or acting. It was good to see Sting for the few minutes they showed him but I had to ask myself is this shades of WCW all over again?

If you have followed wrestling like I have you know the break between Jeff Jarrett & WWE was not a pretty one and for a long time if he was ever asked about his time in WWE (then WWF) he had nothing nice to say. But it is really funny that some of the better known wrestlers who were released from WWE always had nice to comments to make. Now I will admit they have let some wrestlers go that probably would have done great for attendance and storylines but who am I.

Back to TNAHere I am watching a match putting Shannon Moore and Samoa Joe against Chris Daniels and AJ Styles (okay that is scaryI remembered the names) and I saw quite a few missed moves and thought at one time Shannon Moore was about to break his neck. I mean they have an octagon as a ring and the ropes look as though they are wider than the regular ring that is used. Then you have the venue they perform at. It reminds me of when WCW broadcast their Saturday show from Disneyland.

The fansno comment. More research needed on that. But I had to ask myself does TNA pose any real threat to WWE and from what I saw I dont think so. Maybe Stings appearance will boost them a little.

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