Potato Pirates: The Tastiest Coding Card Game

Potato Pirates is a lethal combination of potatoes programming and piracy. Cool, I like piracy. Rolled into an epic card game perfect for classrooms, family time, and game night with friends. You play as a Potato Pirate, leading a crew of trusty sea spuds on a mission to save Potato King. Be the first to collect all 7 Potato King cards by roasting, mashing, and frying your opponents, tossing them into Davy Jones’ Locker. Master The Art of Potato War to eliminate all enemies and reign terror on the high seas.

Use programming concepts such as functions, loops, and conditionals to fortify your attacks. If that’s not devastating enough, you could just loot & hijack your way to victory. That’s what I would do. Or you could just summon the Kraken to your aid and DENY everything! Potato Pirates 10 hours of programming in 30 minutes No screens attached Tech literacy is slowly but surely becoming a basic necessity. Programmers are the new superheroes.

But let’s face it, the mere mention of learning programming can sound so intimidating, and rightfully so. The learning curve is really steep and computer programming concepts are not the easiest thing to visualise. Ain’t that right Potato King? Potato Pirates reinvents the learning experience by removing computers, introducing a social element and gamifying the concepts. It is easy to setup and totally offline.

Potato Pirates is an effective first step for students to learn programming. Our assessment shows that 9 out of 10 students, age 6 and above, showed significant improvement in understanding fundamental concepts of programming, with 85% increase in interest as well as 78% increase in confidence These universal concepts provide students with an accelerated learning pathway into any language of their choice! Incorporate Potato Pirates into family nights. It is the ideal bonding activity to get involved in your child’s learning.

Just don’t forget to let them win. Have a blast with this carbo-loaded hybrid educational party game. Expect epic attacks, thwarted plans, and broken alliances. You don’t need to have a game specifically for your kids, another one for your basic bros, and another one for your geek friends. All you need is Potato Pirates.

It’s not just uber-awesome, It’s t-uber-awesome. So back us now on KickStarter and we’ll send you a deck, along with learning resources for parents, educators and anyone who wants to use Potato Pirates as their first step into the world of computer programming The game is presently based in English but we’ve had countless requests from all of you, asking us to release the game in multiple languages. We want kids all over the world to be part of this experience, regardless of their first language. In order to get there, we need all the support and backers we can get! We cannot possibly fulfill manufacturing orders in multiple languages until we hit the numbers!

So, please back us today and make this a reality for all of us Thank you!

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