Roulette WIN Every Time Strategy


Good evening, everybody, this is the long awaited update to my win roulette. Nearly every time, video series we’re going to condense it clean it up. We actually have a real roulette table and a real, cheap mini roulette wheel. We have my lovely assistant, Shao lei shall be our dealer tonight.

This is her first time being a dealer, so her round of applause there and basically it is going to be my take on the martingale system. Video one here will be a strait original, plain martingale system. Video two will be a little bit more of a complicated version of it that basically lets you win three times as much and a single sitting, however, version two, the more complicated version, I only recommend playing if you pretty much, have the entire roulette table to yourself.

So go out a less busy time because you do not want to get distracted during the process. Now for this you will have to lose seven straight hands in a row, so first round here will be doing it based on a thousand-dollar bankroll with a thousand-dollar bankroll. You would have to lose one two, three four, five, six, seven spins in a row to actually lose all your money as long as you win one time within seven rolls, you will walk out ahead, or at least at the very least. Even so shall we begin. Okay, play yeah bad all right now with the martingale system. It’S basically doubling up your existing bet.

Now, the only basically the only bets you can place that you can double up your bet and get an even payout is red or black, even our odd one. Through twelve, Oh scratch that not one through twelve but basically yet just that’s it red or black or even or not sorry. The layout of this table is just a little bit different, throwing me a little off mentally off tonight, so I’m going to plus start with a bed of black, and of course I have just in case you forget: red is five worth five dollars.

Green is worth twenty. Five and blue is worth 100. Unfortunately, I do not have black chips, but I do have blue chips so tonight blue will be 100. So go my bets placed let’s proceed whenever you’re ready: okay, Oh 18, right 18 red. So I lost okay, which is good, because I need to show you right away, so I lost my $ 10 bet.

I am now going to be placing a $ 20 bet. Oh five right, five red yeah. I lost again. Okay, now my take on the martingale system, the martingale system would say double up so instead of me next, you would be putting 40. However, if you modify the system just a little bit, you will only be putting 30. Why would I do 30 instead of 40?

Well, we lost ten. If we would have won in the twenty, we would have not only won back the 10 or the 20 that we just bet. We would also win 10 extra for the original profit, so we actually get back everything we lost plus 10. By doing 30 from this point on you’re maximizing in getting one extra spin out of the wheel in order to win back your losses, basically, if you lose the first two now you’re, just in recovery mode, so while you won’t win an extra ten once all said, And done you will at least break even and get them one extra chance if you’re on a bad streak, so I’m going to doing 30.

Okay! Now, if you did the actual martingale system, you would only get six pins for out of thousand-dollar bankroll o-18 ride. 18. Red yeah, now I lost again so an excellent is going to be 60. Okay, okay, all 24 black 24 black.

I win so around 60 yep. So now I win 60. Can I exchange this please for right, all red, please, okay, for the lower denominations, it’s easier to keep track of. If you do red there’s my sixty winnings, so 10. 20.

30. So you replenish. The $ 30 bet. 10.

20. You replenish the $ 20 bet and 10. We replenish our very original bet of $ 10, so we are now completely even let’s carry on all right and I recommend don’t flip-flop back and forth.

When you sit down at the table, choose red or black or even or odd, and stick with it don’t flip flop. Halfway through that actually throws off the system. You want to stick with the same thing throughout the whole game, I’m all set. Okay, do it Wow right? Okay, so we lost again put my $ 20 that up I’m ready, yeah.

Okay, I’m ready to do my taxes, like you know, didn’t have my service like this. Oh 36 right, I lost again Wow Amy. We need to be dealing okay.

Let’S go again: Oh 24, like 24 black, so can you pay you $ 30 thirty dollars so three, there replenish the 20 and the tens still back on black. I’M all set Percy: okay, 26, black, okay! So now now we’re! Finally ahead of the game. We have the $ 10 original net, so that’s replenished, but we’re going to put that in the bank over the Live Online Casinos for Malaysians. Just so you guys can see the winnings begin to add up all right.

I would like to keep my bet on black pen and let’s, instead, red and black and exact them say, make odd and even Oh 20, like 20 black yeah, I won again so I still have my original bet $ 10 bet plus 20. So we’re now up $ 20 for profiting $ 20. If we left right now, we have a nice steak dinner all right go again: yep, okay or enough power enough money to buy like to the press for a month. Oh eleven lie. Oh there we go again.

Yeah, okay, profit again: can you push the roulette wheel just in a little bit? I’M not cheating! I promise just aiming it under the camera again keep my bet on black okay, again: okay, oh my god, 24:29 or black – we’re still winning here win again! Oh! Let her ride keep her going so we’re now up $ 40. All start.

A straight lie: Oh win again. So now we’re up $ 50 because we will have to keep this dealer letter ride. Why I was gon na try $ 30 place that just to put $ 10 right $ 10, why you don’t try more money? I don’t try more money because you get greedy if we lose so once again.

The idea behind this is, if you lose, then you push down your 20. So then you win back what you lost. You break even on the BET, and you win back what you lost. If you lose the 10 and the 20, now you lost 30, then you bet 30.

If you lose a 10, the 20 and the 30, then you bet 60. So now, if I were to win the 60 like I did earlier, you win the 60 foot town. So you double that, so that means you won back the 60 array lost but say I lost that 60. So now I just lost 120 dollars. So what do you do?

You bet 120 dollars. I bet this 120 dollars. If I win that one, I keep the 20/20 I just put down and then I also get back all this money that I lost.

If I lose the 120, it’s an ongoing process. If I lose the 120, then I buy bet 240 dollars. Why? Because there’s 240 dollars that I had just lost, so if I win the 240, I keep my 240 plus. I get back everything if I lose the 240.

This is bet number 7. This is the make-or-break one and while it is very possible and I’ve seen it happen, it is extremely unlikely that you’re going to win her looks use me, lose the previous six and then also lose number seven. That’S the whole idea is you’re banking on within seven rolls you’re going to hit black or whatever, whatever black or red odd, or even that you’re betting on and the chances of losing all seven. Well, it’s possible. It does happen on a daily basis. At the casinos.

The chances are, you are not going to lose seven in a row. So if you win on the 480, you keep your 480 plus you get back everything that you’ve already lost following me, good now. Here’S where I was talking about earlier. Okay, this is actually a 906.

This is $ 960 right here. At the beginning, I said we walk in with a thousand-dollar bankroll 960 dollars gets you seven chances to hit your color or honor even and still walk out with what you at least walked in with and or the extra that you that you picked up, as you Were playing so if I were to call it quits right now, I’m after winning that last one in getting back what I lost, I get to go home with my original bankroll, plus an extra 10 20. 30. 40 50 dollars. So what this video so far has been going for 13 minutes 25 seconds. So in 13 minutes I just profited $ 50.

Not bad won’t! You say. Shall we yes good? Yes, now at the beginning I said you could do eight rolls. Here’S the big one right here, we’ll have some blue chips in there right. This is the part where, if you decide to go this extra bit, you’re sweating bullets.

Why? Because, instead of just losing nine hundred and sixty dollars, you might end up losing one thousand. Nine hundred and twenty dollars, if number eight, does not pay out.

If you do not win number, that’s it. You just lost almost $ 2,000. That’S why I usually recommend don’t even bother going for eight the few times that I did lose all this. That’S when you just stop for the night go home, relax, let your nerves, calm, come back the next day and start all from scratch from fret scratch there, because it does not take long to make $ 1,000 using the martingale system, especially ah de fide. In my end, this manner now, if we would have we’re going to reset the board here now, if we would have done the actual martingale system instead of going 10, 20, 30, 60, 120, 240 and 480 for seven spins, it would have been instead. 10.

20. 40. 80 163 24 sit back Susan six. Forty now you would need more than a thousand dollar bankroll. If you want to come in with a little more than a thousand dollars, that’s fine!

But to do the seven spins you would then need to walk in with 1280. So, just by doing a full double up, you have the potential of losing an additional two hundred and eighty dollars, which is an extra two hundred and eighty dollars. I would personally rather go for the 960 and then that $ 280 can go to the kitty. Basically, for your bankroll for your next visit making sense so far, I sure hope so so that is it for round one of when roulette almost every time.

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