Teens React: Gaming



I should probably play objectie a little bit. Oh, I should play Reaper. Okay, I gotta– gotta capture this point. I think I did a pretty good job so far.

Okay, got the point. Go here. Come on, Mercy.

Oh. Oh, okay. I got her.I feel like I’m attached to this character now.

I know what I’m doing. And now I got to go sae eerybody. All right, let’s keep it going.

– Oh my gosh. I instantly d. Fire in the…Okay. Since we’re defending, I’m gonna pick… the big knight guy, ’cause I know he has a shield. This guy. What’s the superpower thing that used to, like– um, it’s cute.

– It says 99% at the bottom. I’m guessing it’s health.That’s actually your ultimate ability.That’s my Q. Oh my gosh. Right now.

Am I killing him? I was still eliminated! Een with my Q.I’m gonna wait till they rush as a crowd.

And then I’m gonna get that highlight kill. Oh, oh, right here. Let’s go. Oh. Aw, he did the high noon. Oh, dang it.

I didn’t realize.High noon. See, that’s an OP ability. I neer played this guy.

Er, like, I did. But I didn’t like him. Aw, damn. I’m being shot. Damn it!

(bangs table) Damn it. This is hard. It’s really chaotic.I’m gonna use my shock wae thing right here. Okay.

Okay, so we reached the checkpoint. So basically, we’re almost there. When you reach the checkpoint, you got an extended amount of time, which is good.

– I think we’re gonna win. This is a really easy game.They’re about to– they’re whooping our butts right now.

And… Oh, they already jacked it basically. We all kinda just kinda lost. Maybe it’s all our first times playing this game.And they I get– oh, we failed.

Damn. That sucks.I’m really following this girl, because I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. Q-S-S.ictory!

 I won! That was fun. Look how boss I look.Okay, we’re gonna win.

– (Winston) We’re doing great, team.This game is, like, eerywhere at once. Woo!ictory!

– Good job, team.This team’s really good. I mean, we’re getting there fairly quickly. There we go! Hey, we won. Pretty good team.

– Round two won.Okay. We won… the look at this page around.

Now we gotta do it again.And now you’re switching to Assault, where you’re trying to capture or defend certain points on the map.Okay.

I’m still gonna go with this dude right here. The Reaper. He just looks really cool. Two guns. Not een one.

– ou’re still playing the same game type. But this time, you’re gonna be switching sides.Okay, I’m ready. This is fun.Two rounds, the game is tied. Are you ready for round three?

– Okay, I think we can do round three. I got this.Think I’m gonna switch… which is H?

Yeah, H. Uh… you know what? I’m gonna go with Reaper. Sometimes I do well with him.So if we’re attacking, then I should get an attacker. This guy looks cool.

I like his ninja star thing. That’s pretty dope.I’m in an airport now.

– Three, two, one.It’s like The Hunger Games with the countdown. Heh.Round three. Capture the objectie.So right now, instead of attacking, we’re gonna be defending.

So we’re gonna– We don’t want them to take oer that area.I am going straight for the attack.Enemy seen.I don’t see anyone in my way.

– I like getting kills. You know, ’cause the objectie– who needs to do that? Een the other lame people do that.I don’t really go after people. I kinda just hold my ground here and kinda wait for them. ‘Cause they hae to be in this box, this red box, to take it oer.

– Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.  was doing okay. I was in the objectie area.

But there’s– oh my gosh, I’m back to life. Thank you.Nice. Oh, I think one of my teammates rees– agh– resurrected me.Oh, you’re on my team. Sorry.

– Easy.Nope, nope, you’re on my team.From the shadows. You thought you were cleer.I’m just puffing my inhaler or whateer this yellow thing is. I just wanna chain someone.

– Thanks, McCree.I’m such a big target too. Wow. I think I’m gonna change. I like this team. I’m gonna go for D.a.

– Okay, I’m gonna pick another attack person. Double shotguns.Oh, that’s– Look at that. He just drops them. He doesn’t een reload.

He just gets new guns eery single time.Okay, I hae my ultimate– it’s GG; let’s go. Gonna get, like, fie kills right here. What you gotta do is you gotta sneak around.Death comes.You neer know what’s gonna hit him.

Ooh, let’s go.Easy. .

Boom, let’s go. Let’s go. Oh! Okay, I only got one kill.

Oh my gosh, I’m gonna kill him. Woo! Killed him.Oh shoot, go away.

Oh my god, what’s happening? I shot him that time, and he had some special powers.our gun has less power, ’cause you’re a support hero.

– Damn. That’s not fair. Oh, I killed someone.

What the hell? What am I doing?Missed.

– I killed two– did you see that? I killed two people. What was that?

– Stop the payload.This isn’t good. Oh god, oh god. That was a Junkrat’s ultimate– took a lot of health there.

Okay, we gotta– let’s go, guys. Let’s go stop the payload. Why are you running away? Okay, it looked kind of just like eeryone took a tumble there. What the hell is that?

A tire? What are with these alien people?Can I change?Looks like they were just playing dead.

– Let’s go with Pharah. I like Pharah too. Eery character has a different play style.Oh, crap. Genji ain’t as special..

. .Oh, and wow, they both did their special at the same time. Een if I switch characters, it won’t matter, because I won’t be able to take them all on my own. But I’ll try with Solr: 76, I guess.

– Let me try someone else. Just see what he does.I’m at 80% for that crazy Q attack. I think my game plan’s gonna be to teleport to that wildness and then just hit Q and then just start blasting people. Aw man.

Why do you gotta kill the dream like that, man? What the hell, bro? Like… that’s BS.

– We’re all separate. We should try to go in together. I’m gonna try to contest it, but there’s four minutes left. Yeah, we’re screwed. It’s oer.We hae 30 seconds.

And… We’re almost there.30 seconds remaining. (in game: dying groan)Ooh, did I kill him?Let’s go.

Let’s go. Get her. Get her. We’re taking it back.It’s high noon.

– Heroes neer .Okay. I’m staying alie. Fie kill streak; let’s go. Let’s go!

We did it. Let’s go.. .

.Oh, I think I killed some people there.Behind you.Headshots, homey, headshots, headshots.

What’s up? All right, neer mind. He killed me instead.Like college colleagues. We come together last minute for that final exam. Just to hold them off.

– Watch this. Let’s go.Justice rains from aboe!Okay. I missed eeryone.

But it’s okay.  Ooh, this music. I only hae one second left.

Well… Defeat.We’re right there. Did we– oh my–Defeat.We were so close.Need to get on the point. Oh!

Bah! NO! Aah! Aaaah! I fell down a hole.

So, uh… You know what? I blame my team.Oertime? I keep on touching that.

I d. Damn it.. , , , . Yeah.

Oh, and Genji did a super. Yeah, we’re screwed. We’re screwed. No one’s there. No one’s gonna surie. We’re done.

That was kind of cool last minute. Like, we kinda came together. But it was too late.

They were too close. Where were all of you in the beginning, you know?Oh, I think we lost. Oh, ictory. Neer mind, we won. ictory.

Yeah. It actually played the whole time. See, this is my guy, man, the Reaper.