The Problem With Racing Gaming Chairs


This is a racing gaming chair. You can tell by bold bucket seat design, the variety of flashy colors, and the large logo plastered across the headset. But are these chairs really worth it? Or are you better off just getting a typical office chair instead.

Hi I’m David and let’s take a closer look at some of the problems with racing gaming chairs. I’m just going to put this upfront. I think racing gaming chairs can be good option for some people, and obviously certain models are better or worse than others, but in general there are some common issues found on most racing gaming chairs that keep me from recommending them to most people, so you should be aware before you get one for yourself.

The first big issue with most racing gaming chair is the lack of adjustments. Our bodies are unique in shape and design so adjustable feature are critical for any office chair I’m purchasing. While most chairs will have the basic height adjustments and arm adjustments, racing chairs will often lack the seat pan depth adjustment to avoid pinching the back of your legs.

And as a lumbar back support you’ll often find them either have non-adjustable lumbar support or use a removable pillow that won’t support the entire curve of your back and are attached with straps that will commonly shift out of place which is just a terrible design in my opinion. Though lack of adjustments isn’t a problem unique to gaming chairs, you’ll often find the same issue on other chairs as well. The IKEA Markus is one most popular budget office chairs and something I actually highly recommend, has the same problem with lack of adjustments. So gaming chair or not make sure it fits, especially if it lacks these features.

The second issue I have with racing gaming chairs is the bucket seat design. Bucket seats in a car are designed to keep you from sliding to the side while making quick turns but that’s not really needed in an office chair. If you like to cross your legs once in a while in your chair the sides will typically make it really uncomfortable for you to do this.

Also this design will sometimes have a front lip which again was designed for being in a car where your legs are typically elevated to reach the petals not supported flat on the floor. So unless you’re kicking your feet up a lot on the desk or an ottoman, the added lip compared to the flat sloping design on most task chairs can cause more pressure under your thighs adding to discomfort over time. The last issue that many people have with racing gaming chairs is the price. And this isn’t an issue strictly limited to the chair industry; often you’ll find products categorized as gaming just cost more.

The idea that you’re paying a premium not for better build quality, extra warranty or comfort but instead just for the flashy colors, bold logo and design that come with a gaming products. I don’t particularly like the look of racing gaming chairs myself but if you do and accept that you’re paying for looks, and let’s be honest we all do this to some degree one way or another with the products we buy. This really isn’t an issue for people who want that racing gaming chair look. Overall that’s just a generalization of the problems with most racing gaming chairs.

While I’m sure some models are better designed than others. And just like choosing any other office chair, you really should probably test it out in person to get a feel for the comfort, whether you’re gaming or just working on the computer. But hope you guys enjoyed this one.

You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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