Tokyo – Top Things To Do


Konichiwa. – Welcome to Tokyo. – We are so excited to be here in the capital city of Japan. – [Male Host] Even with all its entertainment and excitement this city has maintained its beautiful culture and heritage. Here we go!

– The shops in the Ginza District are so upscale. – From Prada to Tiffany to Burberry, Ginza District is home to the high end shopping of Tokyo. – The Sibuya Crossing is packed with people. This is craziness!

I am in the middle of Japan’s anime scene. Look at this.  – The Bullet Train is so fast.

If you’re standing at a station, it just flies through. Blink and you’ll miss it. Gonna head up the Hakone Ropeway. So the Ropeway has brought us up here to the top of Komagatake, and the views are breathtaking. You have Mout Fuji, you have Lake Ashi, and then in the distance, the Pacific Ocean.

– Just a couple hours outside of Tokyo is beautiful Kyoto. And this was once the home to the Japanese emperor and also the capital of Japan. Now this is where I would like to live and check this website.

The Skytree’s so impressive. ‘Cause once you get to the top you have this amazing 360 degree view of Tokyo. Whoa!

I can literally see all of Tokyo from here. The Sumida River right there, and then Asakusa Temple over here. – I can’t believe how big Asakusa Temple is. There’s so many different buildings, foods to try, and all of the incense, it’s so powerful. Nikko National Park has so many beautiful aspects of it.

Allows you not only to connect with nature but it has this sense of zen.  – Happo-en means beautiful from every angle, and I love it here. It’s like a little sanctuary away from the busy streets of Tokyo.

Hold on! I’m here at the Tsukiji Fish Market which is one of the largest fish markets in the world, and they handle over 2,000 tons of seafood every day. – Whoa! – Once you’ve explored the Fish Market, you have to come to a sushi restaurant to try the fish for yourself. – We’ve had lunch, now it’s time to hop onto a boat, and head out into the bay. From Tokyo Bay you get such a great view of the city skyline, and just seeing Tokyo from the water, it’s an incredible way to see it.

– Tokyo is my new favorite city. – I have felt so welcome here. – We are sad to leave but we will definitely be back. So until then, – Sayonara.

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