Who else wants to know more about the wrestling legends?


The Ultimate Warrior

Back in the 80’s when Hulk Hogan was at the top of the wrestling scene there was one other wrestler that BAR NONE drew as much pop from the crowd as Hogan did. He went by the name of the Ultimate Warrior. He had an electric ring entrance and was non-stop energy but ULTIMATELY he disappeared from the wrestling scene. There was much speculation on what had happened to him. The biggest rumor was he died.

His life was a mystery except to those who worked with him and knew him personally. This DVD is also one of the more interesting WWE works. It gives an account of the Warriors time in WWE as well as gets comments from those who worked with him. For me it did bring back memories because I was a WORRIOR. I will not forget the time the had a closed circuit showing at The Capital Center in Landover, MD of Wrestlemania. The old DC heads that were around back then can remember The Capital Center. I could not wait to see Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior.

That was the headline match and there were lots of Hulkamaniacs there.

I had the opportunity to have 3 guys in front of me who knew without a doubt Hogan was going to win. So me being me asked did they care to make a small wager on the match. I explained to them there was no way Hogan would win because the Warrior possessed raw power and he moved too fast for Hogan to keep up. Of course they laughed at me but I knew because I had paid close attention to the Warrior’s style of wrestling for quite a while. The Warrior won, I won and the guys got so upset we got into a fight. I won that too.

Anyway when the Warrior left the sport he was not forgotten by those who enjoyed seeing him in the ring. It was a shame that his personal issues ruined his career and he held onto that chip for a long time thus basically destroying his name in the business. But instead of me telling you all about it check out this DVD.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Now if you are really interested in old school wrestlers and wonder where they are this is a DVD I highly recommend watching. Back in the 80’s Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a wrestler that definitely game one of the best in ring shows. He was one of the fan favorites and as a heel drew the best pops in the business.

But the thing that makes me put this high on my list is how it covers his personal life. Jake grew up in a middle-class family in Phoenix, AZ. He talks about how closely he was connected to the online casino business, the abuse he got from his father, the almost non-existent relationship he had with his mother ( I definitely know that feeling) and how the desire to be loved by his parents was something that hurt and haunted him for years.

He speak on the real reason he became a wrestler and the fact that he really didn’t have any true intentions of going as far in the business as he did. But the biggest thing was how he addressed his addiction to alcohol and drugs and the effect the business had on his addiction. This DVD in my personal eyes is one of “The Best” works WWE has produced. This DVD is not just great for reliving the days of Jake “The Snake” in the ring but also a great look into the life of a wrestler when the show is over.

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